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Sustainability in a Small IT Department



Grand Prairie Independent School district (GPISD), Grand Prairie’s largest employer, was in decline.

The district used the same software system for over 25 years to manage its student operations and business. The district’s administrators realized that changing its software system was necessary to increase efficiency and better serve students.


The Challenge

GPISD’s outdated processing system made it difficult for employees to access real-time information. Lyle Dubus (GPISD executive director for instructional delivery) stated that budget reports would be 60-90 days outdated. So, we created our Access database product so that employees could access real-time financial information. “Essentially, we had to work around rather than have it work for us.

Many manual processes, which were time-consuming and tedious without easy access to information, proved difficult. The business office was closed for 60 to 90 days to prepare for the third-party audit. This was due to the lag in its systems, and most information needed to be obtained manually. The IT department also shut down the system at 10 p.m. every night to process data. This made it impossible for anyone to access important information beyond that hour. Dubus stated, “It was painfully obvious that our current system couldn’t accommodate our needs.”


The Solution

Dubus and his group began searching for a system already being used in other Texas districts. We didn’t want to be the first to use the system. We needed reliable technology and access to a robust local user network to answer any questions.

District officials also wanted the system to be reliable and flexible and require minimal maintenance. “We have a small IT department. Dubus stated that we knew that our new solution needed to be built on a solid foundation. It had to work right out of the box. “Our current employees are required to be able to concentrate on our core business of educating 26,000 children.

Skyward was familiar with GPISD’s business manager and superintendent, and they added the vendor to their shortlist. Skyward invited GPISD to a Texas user group meeting to learn more about Skyward and speak with Skyward customers. Skyward impressed us greatly. Skyward’s Texas Branch Manager knew every attendee by their first name. It was evident that they had solid relationships and felt like they were part of a close family.

GPISD had a six-month deadline for implementation, which Skyward was sure it could meet. “All other vendors that we considered could not meet our timeline. One vendor claimed it would take 18 months. This was unacceptable to us. Skyward did not blink and assured us they could meet our deadline. It was pretty impressive.

The district ultimately decided to implement Skyward School Business Suite and Skyward Student Management Suite.


The Results

Implementation is completed in 4 months.

Dubus stated, “From a conversion and service aspects, we have been delighted at what Skyward brought to the table.” “Skyward’s project leadership has been exceptional. They have been our partners through the whole process and are there to help us with any questions. They are a pleasure to work with – there has never been any hiccup or problem.

You can complete more tasks in-house without having to hire additional staff.

Skyward gives Dubus and his staff complete control over their systems, information, and data. Dubus said, “The amazing thing is that we have moved all our information in-house and updated our systems without adding any additional staff because Skyward runs itself.” “This system will reach every district area, including teachers, custodial staff, and nurses. This system will be available to everyone.

The automation of manual processes has made them obsolete.

Dubus said, “I noticed stacks upon stacks of absence from duty forms being disposed of when I was in the purchasing office last week.” “With our School Business Suite, we have eliminated that form and the manual process. That, to me, is real change… It is certain that our productivity is improving and that resources can be focused on higher priority tasks.” Dubus stated that GPISD used to manage the requisition process manually. This automated process is saving our company 20 hours per week. That is incredible.

Increased visibility and control

Dubus stated that visibility has dramatically improved. “Our control over information has quadrupled within the past 30 days,” Dubus said. It’s a world of difference. We will be able to see the impact of our spending on our decision-making and the success of our programs.

Unforeseen benefits

“Our employees can spend less time on manual tasks and quickly access the information they need, leading to increased job satisfaction. This will allow people to devote their time to more exciting projects or helping children. Dubus stated that this would lead to a decrease in our costs over time.

Ability to prepare reports, comply with state requirements, and increase funding

Dubus stated that accurate reporting is essential for our funding. “Before Skyward, we had to create many reports to meet the requirements. This took us, on average, 8-16 hours per day for one to two working days. The words are already in our system. We can click a button to get them. We are more confident that the information is correct than ever. Skyward has extensive experience in these reporting requirements and is proactive about keeping up with any changes. They provide an update immediately if the conditions change. This relieves us of a lot of pressure and gives us more confidence.

Flexibility – Increased

The district has a flexible school-day alternative for the alternative school, which was causing compliance problems in the old system. Dubus stated that Skyward was informed about the issue, and they responded with, “we already have something prepared and ready for your review” “This showed me how proactive they were and how well they understand our business.”

A partner for the future in a modern district

Dubus stated, “It feels like we have jumped 30+ years into the future. It’s almost like we are doing business in 2009 rather than 1979.” Skyward will allow us to meet all our future needs.

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Dailypay 175M Series 325M1B Beltran




Dailypay recently raised $325 million in Series B funding. Their valuation now stands at an incredible 1 billion dollars. Beltran Holdings, a well-known financial firm, led the round. Dailypay is experiencing a great time as it grows at an alarming pace and has become one of the most trusted payment processors worldwide. It will be fascinating to see how they use the cash to improve their product and compete with Square and Paypal. Keep checking back for more updates!

Dailypay 175M Series 3325M 1B BeltranDailypay has the pleasure of introducing the Dailypay 175M series 325M 1B Beltran. This innovative new product provides the best in comfort and support. Dailypay 175M Series 325M 1B Beltran has a unique combination of Airgel and memory foam, providing superior pressure relief. The Airgel core keeps you cool and comfortable while the memory foam contours to your body. The Dailypay 175M Series 325M 1B Beltran has adjustable lumbar support, which can be tailored to meet your needs. This product will provide the best in comfort and support. Try the Dailypay 175M Series 3325M 1B Beltran today!

Please describe what makes it so special and unique.

DailyPay, a new financial technology company, allows employees to get their earned wages daily rather than waiting for their biweekly or monthly paycheck. DailyPay is the only company offering this innovative solution to the $3 trillion payroll industry per year. DailyPay is revolutionizing the way employees get paid. It gives employees instant access to their earned wages. This empowers them to manage their finances better and provides financial security.

DailyPay is unique because it offers instant access to earned wages, an enormous benefit for millions of workers who live paycheck to paycheck. DailyPay is unique because it allows employers to provide this benefit to their employees at no cost. Beltran Partners, with over 175M, currently fund DailyPay. It plans to launch its 1B IPO this year. DailyPay is rapidly changing how employees are paid. It is fast becoming the benchmark for worker compensation.

It can benefit you and your business.

Dailypay, a technology company, allows employees instant access to their earnings. Shai Wininger, Yonatan Benjamin Shimon, and Yonatan Ben Shimon founded Dailypay in 2014. Dailypay has offices in London, San Francisco, Toronto, and New York City. Dailypay has received $175M from investors such as Beltran, Series A, D1 Capital Partners, and Tiger Global Management. Dailypay paid out more than $1B to its customers in 2019. Dailypay’s mission aims to empower individuals with the tools to manage their financial future. Dailypay is revolutionizing the way employees get paid. They can access their earnings whenever they want. People can now access their payments on demand, allowing them to control their finances, avoid costly fees, and build a financial future. The dailypay revolutionizes how we are paid and will enable people to manage their financial future.

Demonstrate Some of Its Benefits and Features

DailyPay, a financial technology company, allows employees to get their wages daily rather than waiting for bi-weekly paychecks. Jason Lee and Lindsey Godfrey founded DailyPay in 2015. They recognized that many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and face financial difficulties. DailyPay is now one of the most trusted providers of on-demand payroll solutions. It has helped millions of employees manage their finances. Investors such as Accel, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Beltran Capital have contributed over $175M to the company. DailyPay processed more than $325M in transactions in 2019 and is expected to process more than $1B in 2020. DailyPay is revolutionizing how people are paid and giving them control over their finances.

Here are several strategies on the best way to begin with the Dailypay 175M Series 3325M 1B Beltran

Below are a few recommendations to assist you in getting started with the Dailypay 175MSeries 325M 1B Beltran. To begin, make sure you read through the instructions thoroughly to ensure that you fully understand the system. To make the most of the Dailypay 175M Series 325M 1B Beltran’s capabilities, it is essential to know what you are using it for. You’ll be able to use it more effectively once you have a solid understanding of the system. With some practice, you can make your Dailypay 175M Series 3325M 1B Beltran an integral part of your daily life.


The company’s current value is $1.175B, which has raised $325M in total funding. Wellington Management Company LLP led the latest round with participation by existing investors, including NEA and Andreessen Horowitz. Dailypay intends to use the capital to increase growth, invest in product innovation, and support international expansion.

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Dan Newlin Net Worth – How Rich is He?




What is Dan Newlin’s Net Worth?

  • Net Worth: $2 MillionSource of Wealth: Injury Attorney
  • Age: 47 years old
  • Date of Birth: June 2, 1974
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Last Updated: 2022
  • Dan Newlin Net Worth: Dan Newlin is an expert lawyer for injury with an estimated net worth of $2 million.

He is well-known as a top-quality advocate for his clients throughout his home country of the United States, receiving various accolades in this area.

Early Life

Dan Newlin is known today as one of the most renowned personal injury attorneys in the United States.

Attorney Dan Newlin was born in Florida on June 2, 1974, which makes him an American citizen of the white race.

Newlin was part of his childhood with family members and siblings in Florida. He is a member and adherent of an ethnic group of the Christian Religion.

He still needs to reveal his parents or siblings to the public. However, we’ll provide updated information when it becomes available.

Dan Newlin’s net Worth has been estimated at around $2 million, according to the most recent data on net Worth.


Attorney Dan Newlin started his career in the public sector at the age of 20. At this age, he began being a police officer in the New Chicago, Indiana, Police Department. He also worked with the Fire department as an Emergency Medic staff.

His career was transformed into a fresh page when he accepted the offer to join his former employer, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, in Orlando, Florida as a patrol officer and detective, where he was employed for about 10 years.

Attorney Dan Newlin received numerous awards during his time as Detective Dan Newlin because he was always ready to respond. Hence, he was honoured with distinction by the United Claims Marshall’s Office and the United Claims Justice Division for his extraordinary service.

The year 1997 was when Dan Newlin got accepted into law school. This led to him enrolling in Florida State College of Law, where he was able to graduate in 2000.

Dan Newlin is a licensed lawyer in Illinois and Florida, where he provides exceptional and professional services to victims of accidents and injuries.

He gained notoriety early for himself as an Advocate for his clients. He had secured the record amount worth $24 million to the family of a police officer and the award of $100 million to an unidentified young woman who suffered an injury to her brain.

Mr Newlin has been distinguished by other attorneys because he has been praised for his aggressive advocacy and professionalism.

Presently, Dan Newlin has grown his business to become one of the most prestigious firms in the United States, having about 10 offices spread across Florida and an average of 80 expert Attorneys and over 300 support personnel.

The team is currently maintaining its renowned status as the best thanks to its impressive record as they continue to make billions of dollars for its clients.

Dan Newlin is recognized by Super Lawyers as a National Trial Lawyer for his many accomplishments. Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys, the law firm he runs, was named the Best Legislation Organization by The Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Business Journal.

Dan Newlin’s Net Worth

Dan Newlin’s net Worth is estimated at around $2 million. He achieved this through his outstanding legal representation as an injury attorney.

He continues to earn quite a good amount of money as he reaches the success of his clients in his native United States.

Dan Newlin enjoys a lavish lifestyle thanks to this Net Worth and is well-known for participating in numerous NGOs and charities across the United States.


  • Illinois, Active And Authorized To Practice Law, 2006 (12/06/2020)
  • Florida, Member in Good Standing, 2001 (12/20/2020)

Dan Newlin Facts

  • Dan Newlin was born in Florida on June 02, 1974. He is from the USA
  • Dan Newlin is Known to be a renowned Specialist, Particular Damage Lawyer in more than 18 different categories throughout the United States.
  • Dan Newlin is a nationally-recognized attorney.
  • Dan Newlin, the Attorney, has successfully assisted more than 100,000 injury victims. He is among the very few lawyers to have reached this point globally.
  • Dan Newlin has led his law firm to collect more than 1 billion dollars from injury victims.
  • Dan Newlin prides himself on this track record and is well-known for providing excellent service to his clients.
  • According to recent information, Dan Newlin’s internet Price has been estimated to be around $2 million.

Dan Newlin Quotes

“A group of people we always stand behind and not just me, my firm or law office, but they comprise those of the United States Marines and all its members. – Dan Newlin”

“We will never forget that we would not be in this beautiful city of Orlando without our United States military. – Dan Newlin, Attorney”

“Our family would like to sincerely thank our healthcare providers, medics and nurses, doctors, and first-response personnel. They are risking their lives more than ever before to save the lives of others. You are the true heroes of this world. And because of you, we’ll get through this and emerge stronger. Dan Newlin (Covid 19 thanks)”

Notable Lessons From Dan Newlin Wealth

After thoroughly examining Dan Newlin’s net Worth and everything you need to learn about his professional career, here are some of the most critical lessons from the Dan Newlin Success story.

1. Chase Your Goal

Dan Newlin’s professional career didn’t begin as an attorney for injury. This decision was taken in the middle of the road, so we must learn to chase what we want regardless of th­­­­­e circumstances.

2. Be the Best at What you Do

Dan Newlin’s story of success was because he was a success in all his tasks, including as a police officer, detective, and, most importantly, as an injury lawyer and, as such, we should learn to work tirelessly to do our best in every endeavour that we encounter ourselves.

Final Thoughts

Dan Newlin(Attorney) is an attorney for injuries who has earned his name by making vast sums of money for his clients and, in doing so, earning the honour of being one of the most reputable legal firms for injuries throughout the United States of America.

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The Employment Services Industry




employment services industry

The Employment Services industry has many different aspects that can affect the future growth of the industry. These factors may include Product types, Job growth, and regional markets. Read on to learn more about the employment services industry. You may also want to check out the Market Size and Forecasts report. It provides data for employment services by region, product type, and platform.

Job growth

The employment services industry is predicted to grow at a moderate rate over the next six years. During that time, the total employment will increase by 8.3 million jobs, with nearly one-third of new jobs in healthcare and social assistance. The pandemic recovery will be a key driver of growth in some sectors.

As the economy continues to recover from the recession, the demand for workers will increase. This will create good job opportunities for staffing firms. Many companies are moving away from the traditional employment model, adding temporary and contract workers to boost flexibility and lower costs. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment in the employment services industry will grow at an average rate of 7 percent through 2028.

Employment growth has remained strong in recent months. The unemployment rate has fallen to a seven-year low. The next two quarters will provide encouraging employment figures. While some sectors are adding jobs, others are contracting. In the first quarter, the energy sector posted the most job losses, likely due to the oversupply of oil and falling commodity prices. The service sector is still experiencing the best growth, with manufacturing posting the biggest decrease.

The employment services industry is highly correlated with the S&P 500. In fact, the employment services index has tracked the performance of the S&P 500 index for almost two decades. It peaked in March 2000, followed by its monthly close in August 2000. It did not decline sharply until September 2001. However, in October 2007, service employment reached a new peak. Eight months later, employment growth began a downtrend.

Market size

The Employment Services Market is a large sector with a significant number of businesses. According to the report, the employment services industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% between 2013 and 2018. The report includes estimates of the industry’s size, volume, and value. It also includes a comprehensive analysis of the industry’s growth across different regions and types.

The report includes detailed information about the global market for Employment Services, as well as forecasts based on type, application, and region. It also provides detailed information on the industry’s competitive landscape, including market concentration status, upstream and downstream buyers, and industry chain analysis. It also covers the company’s recent development, as well as a SWOT analysis.

According to the report, North America was the largest region for this industry. Asia Pacific followed North America, and the Middle East was the smallest. The report also identifies major players in the employment services industry. Leading companies in the industry include Accenture PLC, Adecco Group, Cezanne HR Ltd., Mercer LLC, NetSuite Inc., and Talentsoft. The report provides market ranking analysis for each of these players worldwide.

The Employment Services Market report also includes detailed analyses of the industry’s regional and country markets. It provides comprehensive information on the current market state, including analysis of the competitive landscape, product launches, and technological innovations. In addition, the report includes profiles of the leading players. It also covers over 2,500 market segments.

The report provides detailed market data on employment services in the U.S. and other countries, and compares the sales volume of each service segment. It also analyzes the employment services industry’s market size by type, vertical focus, mode, and region.

Product types

The employment services/Private Career Services industry consists of the sales of various employment-related goods and services. These products and services are offered by organizations, sole traders, and partnerships. They include executive search, recruitment, placement services, temporary employees for clients, and human resources services. This industry is dominated by companies based in the Asia Pacific region.

The report analyzes the Employment Services market by product type, application, and geography. It also discusses the market structure, competitive landscape, and future perspectives. It includes upstream and downstream application fields and identifies potential risks and opportunities. Ultimately, the report will provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of the Employment Services industry.


Regional employment services play a key role in a region. They can help improve the quality of jobs in the formal economy and help to formalise informal employment. The working paper published by the ILO and YouMatch GIZ project provides an overview of employment services in these regions. The report includes data from an ILO survey and literature review.

The report covers countries in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. These countries are considered to be the largest employment services markets. Countries covered include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Thailand, UAE, and others. Some of these regions may have more than one employment service provider in their area.

Capital intensity

Capital intensity is a measure of how much a business spends on capital compared to labor costs. Higher capital intensity indicates that a business uses a higher proportion of its assets to produce value, which in turn leads to higher economic growth and increased market share. Businesses with high capital intensity typically need to invest more in new technology and training to improve efficiency. This can increase operating costs and production costs.

Capital intensity varies across occupations. Middle-skill occupations are generally higher capital-intensive than lower-skill occupations. This pattern suggests that there is a shift in technological efficiency favoring capital-intensive tasks. Middle-skill task production has experienced a notable increase in capital intensity.

Increased capital intensity also increases labor productivity. Middle-skill task productivity increases by more than double when the capital intensity of the industry rises. The rise in labor productivity is largely due to the fact that the higher capital intensity of a task corresponds to a higher return on capital.

Capital intensity can be measured by examining the percentage of fixed assets that are owned by the business. These investments increase the production level, which in turn results in increased profit and a good return on investment. Typical examples of capital-intensive businesses are oil factories, chemical and petroleum plants, and aircraft manufacturing. High capital-intensity industries tend to have higher volumes of sales. Further, they usually require more capital to set up and run.

The Employment and Recruiting Agencies industry is expected to experience more revenue volatility in the near future. Due to tight monetary policy, demand for professional recruiting and permanent placement services will continue to stagnate. Furthermore, a drop in hiring rates will reduce the number of business clients for industry operators.

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