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Eder Sarabia: “I Livescore with Freedom. I do Not Determine The Outcome.”



Technical Andorra was not concerned about the four days without the winning team because the game was still good and gave sti fruit. This Saturday, get to Ponferradina. I have praised the mood of their players.

 Andorra receives this Saturday Ponferradina with the need to add to do not get in a month. The set tricolor chained to four days without a win (with three consecutive home defeats) but in the locker room, the tricolor was no concern. Eder Sarabia found that it is not a technical results and yes you are concerned about how the game is played. And hence Andorra is reliable. The technician gave a press conference prior to the duel and was optimistic. Returns Ruben Bover and are doubt Petxarroman and Marc Aguado.

Feelings of the team: “because he deserves it, and for what we are doing, deserve more points in the last few games, but it has not been. Yesterday, we saw things and insisted on the details… there is a desire to win, as every athlete. The opponent also wants it to, and this does not only love it, but you have to put everything that we have in our hands. We have trained phenomenally, and be fresh mentally and to have that bit of confidence that the flow and have more success”.

Pressure for the four days without a win: “it is true that, surely, for the players and a little bit for the environment and for the club, the victories reinforce everything. And sometimes, cover things in the game. I want to get that victory by reinforcing the things, the team, and the guys that fight like tigers. I was able to see football in different places, to suffer and enjoy, and some time ago, I made the decision to stay away from the results. Live score mobi with freedom; I do not determine the outcome. I analyze the game well, what we do well, and what can be improved. And to give the team that point of trust and see things. Take out everything you brought in Vila-real. The other day we lost 1-0, but it was the happiest coach in the world because I am in this profession to see you play like that on my team, but of the environment and the players, I feel like the victory. But you have to deserve it. The Ponferradina has many resources, mix well if you do not press well and knows how to run and go to the counter”.

The Ponferradina: In this category, anyone can beat anyone. In the margin of ratings and streaks, you have to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. This is where we are, and we try to be rigorous. What more peace of mind it gives me to see that bit of joy and spark the team? In addition, I see the players most successful in the last few meters. I hope that everything that we do and we will be able to see in the game.”

Sinan Bakis: “he Is a player that understands very well the position of striker and many of the occasions that have generated it with the appropriate movements and connecting with the pins. Have easy chances, but you have to convey tranquility and confidence. Sure make a lot of goals. I already told you some time ago that for me, in front, the goals are not the most important.”

What type of match is expected: “We’re always prepared for anything and have alternatives. The Ponferradina have power plants that can filter out good passes, and even though they lack Yuri have players that could be in any team category. I feel that many times it is allowed to give a party replicating them, but if we are not fine, you have the resources to take the ball and run. You must always be prepared to give your best version. We will be with the ears stiffer if I think they are going to come in your best version.”

Week of three games: “We will continue the line as usual. I see people very well, the other day I congratulated players like Jandro, Moha, Ivan… that is what I want, that there is internal competition. On Tuesday, we will play without a lot of recovery time, but before we touch the Ponferradina”.

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