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The Shade Room Founder Angelica Nwandu Discusses Navigating Criticism.



The Shade Room Founder Angelica Nwandu Discusses Navigating Criticism And Hyper-Scrutiny While Running A Global Media Company

In the present society, information has changed into a highly-coveted commodity. Social media has become among the world’s primary sources of news. A 2022 Statista study unearthed that 45% of U.S. survey respondents aged 18-34 used social media marketing as their source of daily information. In 2014, Angelica “Angie” Nwandu identified how to show society’s lust for sensational, salacious, and scandalous information into an international behemoth. Nwandu could be the creator of The Shade Room—a media company that has transformed what sort of world consumes information.

Janice Gassam Asare: So, Angie, you’re creating what has changed into a social phenomenon. The Shade Room is still among Instagram’s most popular platforms, boasting 26 million followers. What does it feel like to understand that you launched such an impactful platform? And is this all that you envisioned when you created the platform?

Angelica “Angie” Nwandu: When I started The Shade Room, it was just a side hustle. I pursued screenwriting and thought, ‘I’m going to have 100,000 followers.’ Which was my goal. I will use that to develop only a little site; I had no idea it would become this. I never expected it to be this way.

Asare: The Shade Room has become the premier place for Black celebrity news and just news in general. You’ve created a platform that rivals the most popular media platforms. At the same time…plenty of people criticize The Shade Room simply because they say it amplifies stereotypes about Black people. Do you feel The Shade Room is causing negative stereotypes about the Black community or amplifying what already exists?

Nwandu: I genuinely believe that what we’re is a reflection. We’re a reflection of Black culture and the Black community in several ways. And we highlight both pessimistic and optimism because that’s precisely the truth. There are a few negative aspects and a few good points to culture.

We spark conversations. When you can spark a conversation about something, it’s progress. We’ve seen people like, ‘I don’t want to do this because I don’t desire to end on The Shade Room.’ People are starting to state, ‘how am I behaving? What am I saying?’ There’s more intention. I think it’s a reflection.

Asare: Would you ever feel you have a responsibility as a Black woman not to create specific stories? Would you ever have those moments where you’re like, ‘I realize that this is breaking news, but for whatever reason, we just feel just like, morally, this isn’t a thing that we want to create?’

Nwandu: All of the time. There’re so many exclusives we could have had. You can find so many stories that people could have put out. For me, it’s an everyday struggle because I first enjoy the Black community…but I also feel the responsibility and the weight of it all…I’m constantly getting criticized about our reporting. I think of it. I do believe that’s what makes it hard. I spoke with another head of a media company, and I said, ‘Isn’t this hard?’ And they were like, ‘No, it’s easy.’ I went home with that and said, ‘Well, wait.

Asare: You are feeling the weight of everything on your shoulders because you’re the creator. People know you by name, and anything posted is a reflection of The Shade Room, but it also may return on you.

Nwandu: And also, I think like being…and I hate to pull this card, but it’s the truth. Like being a Black woman owner, I think people expect much more. They desire us to be concerned in social justice…I accept that responsibility, but we aren’t held to the same standards as such as TMZ, where they don’t care if you are a social justice warrior or not or if you’re amplifying protests…each of that’s not attributed to them.

Asare: bell hooks has this quote that I love where she says, ‘what we cannot imagine cannot come right into being.’ It’s been eight years since The Shade Room was birthed from your mind. What would you envision for the following five years when it comes to The Shade Room, and where would you like the platform to go?

Nwandu: We’ve dipped our feet into production…we want to keep completing more programming…the main thing is that we want to continue maneuvering the needle and be more contained in the news. Black media was always on the outskirts of major news events. If someone died inside our community at the hands of police brutality, we wouldn’t be at the forefront. We wouldn’t be the very first there. We wouldn’t be able to tell the story from any perspective apart from what is given to us by white media.

Asare: The past question that I’ve is about you. What does Angie have going on? When we talk about you, we talk about The Shade Room, but you have a life beyond The Shade Room. You’ve things you enjoy and projects that you’re probably working on. Nwandu: Yes. Well, I’m an author at heart. My original dream since I was six was to have an Oscar or even a Grammy and an Emmy…I really could write music. I really could write scripts. I really could write shows. All of this form of stuff. And so that’s been my dream. And when I began The Shade Room, I was writing a script that went along with Sundance. So that’s been my passion.

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After Beijing’s crackdown on the mobile gaming industry, Tencent has released the long-awaited League of Legends in China.




After being available for almost a year elsewhere, League of Legends: Wild Rift finally releases in China. It was much anticipated but came after Beijing increased scrutiny and new rules that limit minors’ playtime.

Tencent Holdings, China’s largest videogame company, released the long-awaited mobile title League of Legends: Wild Rift on Friday. However, Beijing closely monitors the industry due to concerns about gaming addiction.

Nearly a year has passed since the MOBA game was made public in the US by Tencent’s US subsidiary Riot Games. Chinese gamers have had to wait almost a year for the game, which is a sign of the problematic process game companies goes through to launch new titles.

After months of tightening their grip over the industry, Chinese regulators have allowed Wild Rift to be launched at home by the Chinese tech giant. China launched a crackdown against the videogame industry earlier in the year. This was initiated by President Xi Jinping, who mentioned gaming addiction during a March speech at the annual “two sessions” political event.

In August, fears over a new industry crackdown were raised when a state-owned media outlet published comments referring to video games as “spiritual heroin.” Authorities further restricted gaming hours for minors to 8 pm to 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays as well as Sundays and statutory holidays. Along with other tech stocks, the industry giants Tencent & NetEase saw their valuations plummet.

However, the popularity of League of Legends is a sign of promise for the mobile version. This topic was trending on Chinese social media after it was made public on Friday, the day after the National Day holiday of “Golden Week.” On the day of its release, the game’s hashtag was Weibo’s third-most-popular topic. It was also the most downloaded app on Apple’s App store.

Wild Rift is an adaptation of the League of Legends original game on PC. According to Sensor Tower’s report, it has been Riot Game’s most successful mobile game, with more than 46,000,000 downloads and US 64million in global revenue.

After receiving a license in February, Wild Rift’s launch has been delayed in China. Tencent delayed the game launch in China last month after Beijing demanded that companies adopt stricter measures to combat addiction. On the news, shares of the gaming giant plunged by more than 8 percent.

The League of Legends franchise is very popular in China. However, there is a lot of competition for similar mobile games. Tencent, Riot’s parent company, is the biggest competitor in China for this type of game. League of Legends inspired the Honor of Kings. It is currently the most popular mobile game in the world, with 100 million users daily.

Matthew Kanterman, a senior analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence, stated that Wild Rift requires a strong China debut following a decent but not spectacular performance internationally since its ex-China launch.

The honor of Kings’ popularity meant it took a lot of work to see how another MOBA could fit in and steal time and money from the market leader.

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New Telugu Movies 2022




iBOMMA is a streaming site that allows you to stream unrestricted. This online platform is quite different from other websites, because it also offers unauthorised songs and films at no cost to its users. Websites like iBOMMA make blockbuster movies more accessible to everyone, even those who don’t wish to subscribe to streaming services such as Netflix.

Have you ever considered the negative effects of digital piracy. Digital piracy can not only harm the movie and entertainment industry but it could also put your personal information at risk. This article will discuss and the ways that websites find it appealing are causing damage to the business.

What Is Ibomma Meant?

Let’s say you are looking for state-of the-art Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. This is where you should go if you are looking for quality content. It has a wide range of great films, indicate, and songs, which are frequently updated. It sounds perfect, right? The simplest way to summarize iBOMMA is an illegal streaming platform.

The site is extremely clean and easy to navigate, particularly since it’s optimized for smartphones. You can even control the quality of the video that you download and reduce the speed at which it is downloaded.

It’s not surprising that people would rather pay a monthly subscription for a free option than to go to these sites. They don’t realize that their actions are causing problems for the company backstage.

Watch Telugu Movies Online And FREE Download:

iBOMMA is a popular torrent site that many people visit to get movies for free. This torrent website offers movies in HD first-class, and has many movie categories. These torrent sites are great for people who enjoy watching movies. This torrent site can often leaked illegal and criminally-related films. This website allows movies to be leaked from many domains. The torrent site also offers HD versions of the films. This website allows users to adjust their area and release new movies. You can search all categories of movies on this website. The ibommaTelugu movies downloading is not legal.

IBomma Free Movie Download:

There are many cutting-edge Telugu movies and dubbed films on the iBomma site. Accessing these content is illegal as they are pirated. The website leaked movies within days or hours of the movie’s launch. This could be a huge loss for the film industry. We also need to ensure that people do not use torrent sites to view movies. Use a criminal platform to watch your favorite movies.

A wide Range Of Movies Are Available On Ibomma:

Ibomma offers a variety of films. There are many genres on the site, so it’s easy to find one you like. You can also find dubbed versions of films on this website. This allows you to view a movie in a way that is not possible on the regular web. It is easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface.

The iBOMMA android app is a great choice if you love state-of the-art releases. Ultra-modern movies can be downloaded in seconds without the need to pay anything. You can choose from drama, comedy, romance and many other categories. IBOMMA Google also offers a few different films that you can watch whenever you want them. This app is great if you enjoy comedy films. You can also find other categories and movies.

Features of iBomma

  1. Users can download movies from the torrent site iBomma Telugu film download without having to spend a penny.
  2. The iBomma torrent site offers all types of Telugu movies.
  3. Telugu dubbed movies One of the most attractive features of iBOMMA, is the power to live stream.
  4. You can stream films live here if you don’t want to download them.

The Key Features

  1. Watch dubbed films
  2. Telugu movies class
  3. Films with the help of celebrities
  4. No buffering
  5. Only HD films
  6. It works best with a low-end, simple tool
  7. Register without registration
  8. NO Recaptcha
  9. No subscription required

IBomma’s Benefits

The ibomma App has many benefits.

  • A wide range of Telugu films can be found online and you can watch them wherever you are.
  • It is simple to use and has a large list of functions.
  • The Ibomma app’s landing page provides an easy-to-use method to browse through the available movies.
  • You can also download the movie you have selected and watch them later.
  • Ibomma keeps your computer up-to-date so that you don’t have to worry about viruses and other harmful programs ruining it.

This website has many other media, including pirated TV series and short movies. It is illegal to download movies from this website as the entire content is stolen. ibomma can be accessed if you want to view a Telugu film. You can view films in English and Telugu, and then watch them on the cross.

Will iBOMMA be online for long?

While we understand that the entertainment industry is working hard to combat digital pirates, iBOMMA does not appear likely to be around for the long-term. We are confident that the website will soon be taken down by copyright enforcers. It is not surprising that it changed its website or area name. This is because so many movie streaming sites are using the same criminal technique.

Ibomma Is A Malicious Software:

Malicious software programs are another problem associated with illegal streaming. Websites like iBOMMA can be infected with viruses that could cause serious damage to your computer. Did you notice how many dad-up ads are displayed on streaming sites? These websites are a breeding ground for spyware and malware.

Even if you don’t click any hyperlinks, the malware could still download to your computer.

What’s on the iBomma App?

Below are some highlights you can see in this Android app, friends. These things can be evaluated if you deploy you for the first time.

Telugu Movies

This unique language was created for Telugu, as we have already mentioned. Most of the films on this site will be shown in Telugu. You can watch every film in this language if you are a fan.

Dramas, Web collection

This software is the best after drama and film. You can watch the episodes unfastened. You can save any internet site or trauma you want to download offline.

Song And Movie

iBOMMA has a reputation for importing music and songs. It hosts an extensive collection of Tamil and Hindi songs. Its movie library includes films featuring renowned actors like Rajnikanth or Dhanush. Jasmine, 2.0 and Aayiram Portugal are some of the most recent uploads.

Is it Safe to Use IBOMMA?

This torrent is not always legal and safe. All content in Tamilyogi has been pirated. Human beings need to be more aware of the dangers of downloading torrents. IBOMMA provides Telugu movie downloads. Customers can choose the resolution they want from 480p to 720p and 1080p.

ibomma has movies in many languages, including Hindi, English and Tamil. There are many to choose from. Customers who prefer to view films in their native languages can also get dubbed movies. This torrent website may not be secure. Your data might be compromised by third-birthday celebration websites.

Risks of Streaming?

This is something you probably know, but illegal streaming sites aren’t always cozy. Website owners don’t often use modern safety measures, especially since these websites aren’t around for very long. These illegal streaming systems, in other words, don’t follow the same policies and standards as prison websites.

We recommend that you think twice before you allow yourself to access websites such as iBOMMA. These are the dangers that you need to be aware of. These issues should discourage you from downloading or streaming unauthorized content from the internet.

Accidental Torrent Downloads:

Many authorities won’t pay attention to illegal streaming. But downloading illegal content is quite another story. This means that torrenting movies and shows should land you in serious trouble, not to mention the fact that torrents can be traced.

Even if you intend to stream online, some streaming websites, such as iBOMMA, can be very fussy. You could end up in serious felony trouble if you click the wrong button.

iBOMMA, A public torrent site

You can download Telugu movies from the internet if you enjoy watching them. There are many websites offering free movies online. However, there is one website that allows you to watch new movies and TV series online. iBOMMA is an official torrent site operated by Indian entertainment company iBomma.

You can download Telugu movies at HD 1080p resolution from this site. Many sites offer Telugu Dubbed Movies as well as Hindi Dubbed Movies. You can also download Telugu Dubbed Movies and Kannada Dubbed Movies. You can also download Tamil movies from this site.

iBOMMA has been a popular torrent website. You can download movies, stream live, or even record your favourite songs. You should know that downloading content from i BOMMA is against copyright laws. You could be charged with illegally downloading movies from this website. If you don’t like Telugu movies you can always use iBOMMA App or a subscription-based video-on-demand service. Unlimited Telugu movies can be viewed with English subtitles.

iBOMMA, despite the fact that there are many torrent sites on the internet. You can find high-quality movies as well as other content on this site. You can also download movies in HD format. You can download movies in HD format from this site. You should know that pirated movies can be illegally downloaded, but iBOMMA is the best option if you are looking to download Telugu movies without being arrested.

iBOMMA lets users watch and download new Telugu films

iBOMMA does not allow legal downloads of movies but it is a popular site for pirated content. Users can watch and download 2022 Telugu movies using i BOMMA without the permission of their content owners. All genres of movies are included in the site’s download links, including Telugu web series.

iBOMMA offers a way to quickly download Telugu movies and a website that allows users to watch them online for free. You can search for new movies or web series, and then download them to your smartphone. The website is easy to use and free to download. You can search for your favorite films and watch them on your mobile device. Users can also download films or series to view later.

Ibomma’s website has a wide range of entertainment content including Telugu movies for free. You can also find dubbed Telugu films. You can also view TV series and other free movies. Many users use i BOMMA for downloading and watching Telugu movies. However, it is highly recommended that you read the terms and conditions of the website before downloading any.

IBOMMA is India’s largest online movie portal. You can access movies in Telugu and other popular Indian languages. It is compatible with all devices and provides instant entertainment. The app’s search engine allows users to select from many genres. It works with both WiFi and cellular networks. Users can also watch Telugu movies and Malayalam films.

iBOMMA offers a free movie downloading site

iBOMMA is a Telugu movie download site. You can download a wide range of movies and watch them live online. You can also download unlimited movies from this torrent site. It is currently the most illegal site of its kind, and it frequently changes domain names. It is known for publishing pirated material. You don’t have to worry about being scammed because of its popularity.

You can download free HD and SD files from the site. Customers can also download audio recordings of their favourite songs. You can download Telugu movies from iBOMMA without any restrictions, however it is important to note that the site contains pirated content. This site updates its content when new movies are released. There are many pirated titles that you can view.

You will need a free app to access iBOMMA. You can download the free iBOMMA application from your File Manager. The prompt will ask you whether you wish to cancel or install the app. You can also download the app from Google Play Store if you have an Android phone. After you have installed the app, the app will scan your phone for viruses before you are granted access to the site. After installation, you can immediately access the website.

iBOMMA is the right site if you are looking to download Telugu movies HD. The site has a huge collection of Telugu movies and it is regularly updated with Telugu web series. iBOMMA can also be used to dubbed Telugu films.

iBOMMA, a subscription video on demand platform

I BOMMA is a subscription-based video on-demand platform for Telugu films. It was launched on 25 January 2020 and is the most popular streaming service for Telugu films. It offers premium content to its subscribers. It offers Telugu movies as well as regional shows and episodes of popular films for free. This service can be used on any Roku device, smart TV or PC.

iBOMMA, the latest third-party streaming service for Telugu movies, works with digital streaming devices. Telugu movies can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer so you can watch them offline. You can also stream HD and 4K video content. You can also download all types of content for free on the website. The website allows you to stream and download Telugu movies, in all languages including Tamil and Kannada.

iBOMMA offers Telugu TV shows and movies in all languages. There is a large collection of Telugu movies on the website. You can filter movies by year, genre, or era. Clicking on thumbnails will open a list with movies. After you have selected the movie you wish to view, you can download it so you can watch it later. You can also watch dubbed versions.

You’ll love iBOMMA if you are a cinephile. Download Hindi and Telugu movies as well as Hollywood Hindi-dubbed movies. You can download the movie for free if you don’t have the funds to pay for an OTT subscription. Beware of websites that may try to steal personal information.

iBomma 2022 is a search engine

iBomma2022 offers Telugu movies as well as other popular languages. i Bomma offers hundreds of Bollywood and Hollywood movies in addition to the Telugu movie selection. The interface is easy to use and allows you to quickly find your favorite Telugu films. You can search for songs from Telugu movies and share them with friends. This app has its limitations.

iBomma2022 comes with some drawbacks. Its quality can fluctuate depending on how fast your Internet speeds are, so it may be slow. You can download full movies and stream them offline with the app. To avoid interruptions or bugs, make sure you update the app regularly if you use it to access the internet. You might have trouble downloading movies. Make sure you check your settings regularly to avoid this.

The search function is not working. The search feature is not able to search for movies by director or genre, but it can search by title. You can search for web series and tv shows. The downside to this is that does not offer subtitles for these programs. You will need to use Google Translate if you want subtitles.

The iBomma app has a search function and a Request Movies option. This new feature allows you to request a Telugu movie which is not yet uploaded. You will need to go to the official website, scroll up the menu bar and click the Request Movies link. Once you find one that you like, you can download it and start enjoying.

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Doodle world wiki Ultimate Information




Doodle World Wiki is a web site the place individuals can collaborate to create and share data. Customers can add data to a web page within the type of notes, hyperlinks, pictures, or movies. When you’ve got some data that you simply assume can be helpful to others, you may submit it to the wiki.

If somebody finds your data helpful, they will click on on the center icon to love it. If sufficient individuals prefer it, the wiki shall be promoted to a class. It’s also possible to go to a web page and subscribe to a web page by clicking on the subscribe button. It’s also possible to create a brand new web page on the wiki and submit it to the wiki. Will probably be added to the class you chose.   

It is a website the place individuals can collaborate to create and share data. You may add data to a web page within the type of notes, hyperlinks, pictures, or movies. There’s a number of data on this website. It has been utilized by tens of millions of individuals.

You need to use it to be taught one thing new. It’s an effective way to study issues that curiosity you. You need to use it to assist others with their work. It’s also possible to use it to collaborate with different individuals to study completely different topics. You may add notes to a web page within the type of questions, ideas, or issues. It’s also possible to add hyperlinks to helpful web sites..

What’s doodle world degree cap

In Doodle World, the extent cap is about at 50. Which means that no participant can exceed degree 50, no matter how a lot expertise they’ve. The extent cap was put in place to maintain the sport balanced and honest. In case you are a beginner, you must solely play the primary 30 ranges.

It is best to play the primary 30 ranges. In case you are an skilled participant, you shouldn’t play the later ranges. It is best to solely play these ranges in case you are not concerned with profitable.

The sport will get tougher as you get additional into the sport. The later ranges are usually not enjoyable to play as a result of they’re too simple. When you play the later ranges, you might be simply losing your time. In case you are an skilled participant, you must be capable of beat the later ranges simply. In case you are a brand new participant, you must play the sooner ranges till you get to degree 20. At this level, you can find that it will get simpler to win. The later ranges get more durable as you progress.

What is doodle world game?

Now we have to play video games to remain match and wholesome. Doodle World is a quite simple recreation that may be performed without cost. It’s a 2D platformer with easy graphics and gameplay. The target of the sport is to achieve the top of every degree by avoiding obstacles and accumulating cash.

It’s also possible to play the sport alone or with mates. The sport has a large number of ranges you could play by means of. You need to resolve puzzles to maneuver by means of every degree. There are a number of modes you could play within the recreation. Certainly one of them is known as “Puzzle Mode.” This mode is supposed for individuals who have a brief consideration span. You simply should faucet the display to maneuver by means of the extent.

Omnid Portalis a superb recreation for individuals who get pleasure from easy-to-pick-up gameplay. The controls are easy, and the sport may be fairly difficult at instances. When you’re searching for a enjoyable and addicting recreation to maintain you occupied, it is a nice recreation for you.

This recreation will take a look at your focus abilities. You’ll have to play the sport in a sure approach. You will should be targeted and take note of the sport. You may’t simply bounce in and play. You need to grasp the controls earlier than you begin enjoying. This recreation has completely different ranges, and you’ll have to advance by means of these ranges. You will must work exhausting to finish the degrees.

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